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I have a lot of trouble falling asleep sometimes. I wanted to share some approaches I've used.

Like everything story theory, you don't really know what results you'll get until you try things. And what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

The first thing to remember is that sleep is a purely mode 1 activity, so the first thing I do is stop it from calling on mode 2 by telling the story, "there are no survival-relevant issues until tomorrow." Otherwise mode 1 will constantly be calling on mode 2 to try to figure out today's or tomorrow's problems and I'll never fall asleep.

From there, there are a bunch of approaches I try. Usually (but not always!) one of them works.

First, I might try simply telling the story "I am sooooo tired...." over and over again, in the rhythm of each breath to latch it onto that mode 1 activity.

Another approach, because sleep involves the activation of certain body chemistry, is to try to get my brain to believe that the chemicals are being generated: "I feel the sleep chemicals taking over", again repeated.

Something I tried one night that actually worked great then was just the big direct story: "I am sleeping". Oddly, that worked (though it didn't last night).

Do you have any that you use that prove effective?

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